Ink Refill Kits

Stop throwing your cartridges and your money into the garbage! Ink Star’s Ink Refill Kits product allows you to save over 90% by bringing your empty cartridges back to life.

Refilling is easy, fast, and clean. Every Ink Star kit comes with simple, detailed, graphical instructions which will guide you to a successful refill. Our knowledgeable technical support team will always be available to assist you if needed. Find out what ink refilling is all about.

Ink Star’s ink refill kits are not universal. Our inks are always formulated specifically for your cartridges. Only the best quality of ink is supplied allowing a cartridge to be refilled up 3 times on average. Each Kit is supplied with bottles of ink, syringe, gloves, primer, and instructions.

There are plenty of DIY videos available to view on youtube and you can also read instructions by following this link

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