How to find your Printers Cartridges

Printer Cartridges

Printer Cartridges – Ink and Toner Identification codes

You need printer cartridges? But where to start if you dont know the cartridges you require.

All our Ink and Toner Printer Cartridges are listed according to their easy reference number and or product code.

For example, a typical HP Ink Cartridge will be listed as follows:

HP 21XL Ink Cartridge

HP 21 refers to the easy reference number which is the most common means of identification, and in most instances, this number appears on the product’s packaging as well as on the cartridge itself.

C9351AE refers to the product code of the cartridge and is also used as a means of identification although not as popular as the easy reference number.

Sometimes the easy reference number refers to a range or set of cartridges that differ in terms of colour and printing capacity.


For example, a typical range or set is identified as follows:

HP 655 Ink Cartridges

In this instance, HP 655 is referenced as the set of cartridges that can be used in a particular printer and the product code is then unique to each cartridge within the set.

Easiest way to identify the correct cartridge for your Printer

If you reading this you are probably close to your printer. By opening the printer where you would normally replace your cartridges the printer will move the printer carrier to the centre of the machine. You will easily be able to identify the easy reference number by looking at the top of the cartridges. This easy reference number is the best means of identification. You can type the easy reference number or the cartridge product code in our search bar on our site, the results will show the cartridge you require.

See a typical search result below:

Cartridge Search Results


Finding your cartridges by Printer Model

This is the other way of finding the cartridges your printer requires.

Just like Toner and Ink Cartridges have two reference codes so do Printers. The most common reference is the name of the printer, something like 

As there is such a wide range of printers in the market and in some cases duplicate numbers exist it is important that the full name of the printer is obtained in order that the correct cartridges are identified. For example, searching for HP 3525 only may not provide the correct results you require.

The printer name in most instances is readable on the front of your printer. You can search our site for the printer model by clicking on the specific Printer Brand. See our filter below that appears on the left of the page.

Find your printer

You can then refine your search with the additional filters that appear below

Refine Search Ink and Toner

HP has a link that provides specific information in terms of Identifying your printer and Ink Cartridges, click here





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